Challenge Description

Howdy all!

Have I got a doozy of a challenge for ya'll. ::dodges tomatoes:: Hey, what can I say? It's 0255 here in Texas right now.

Anyway, I call this challenge Game Show.

Alright, for *anyone* who's seen the game show, Family Feud, you'll know what I'm talking bout here.

Kay, the plot here is to have the House of War (Ares, Joxer...he's hitched to Ares, Strife and Discord) on one side. And the House of Love (Aphrodite, Cupid, Bliss, Psyche...she's divorced from Cupe, but it was mutual) on the other side. I know there's suppose to be *five* members from each family, but you can choose who you want to be the fifth on each side. BTW, Cupid and Strife are either dating or married, but the houses are split up so that's why they're not together on the same team.

Anyway, Hercules is the host with the cards and stuff. You can put as many people as you want in this story, since this will be done the ancient Greece way and *not* the modern way. Hey, it's fanfic, so it's possible.

This has to be funny and silly. Nothing serious about this at all.

The point of this is to have the houses make fun of each other and constantly shout at their family members 'Good Answer!' when they come up with answers to the surveys. Even if the answers suck. You gotta have them give funny loooks and make noises if the people give dumb answers. Have the surveys be whatever you want but this has to be silly.

Have the prize be whatever you think Gods would play this game for. The Chronos stone, a millenium supply of amnrosia, whatever.

That's basically it. Strife and Cupid have to constantly run to each other and make out during the commercials, which we get to witness, and have to constantly blow each other kisses or make lewd gestures at each other from across the stage.

Sound good? Hope so. I'd love to see someone run with this.


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