Challenge Description

Um, hi. Ya see, i've had this idea, which i'd dearly love to see bear
fruit, but nothing is touching 'Dite's Fault at the moment. So i
thought i'd at least see if anyone else could use it.

Premise is, Cupid and Strife get it together (i'm a first time junkie,
BTW) but then they're both terrified of Ares finding out, so hide the
relationship from all.  Meanwhile Ares is trying to get them together, and getting severely frustrated when nothing works.  As an extra challenge if anyone takes this up, if they can somehow work Ares/Joxer into this as well(preferably as a first time, but could be an established couple), that'd be even better.

anyway, if anyone can use this, i'd love to see a story thanks and hugs

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