Challenge Description

Howdy do!

Okay, now I have no idea if this has ever been done for the Xena universe, but I figure it this way. Here on AJCS, everything is new.

Anyway, the challenge I have is mostly a silly fic challenge. I was thinking of having an author write a small little story which revolves around where the author came from. Or, if they have an accent, to write the characters talking as he or she would.

Here are some examples...

If you're from..

Texas, write the boys in a situation which represents this.

New York City, I've heard New Yorker's talk, write the guys talking like them.

The UK, write the guys acting or talking like them.

France, same here.

Australia, ditto.

In other words, have the people in your story talk in an accent of where you're from or what your background is. Have them call everyday objects how you do. Or you can have them dress in clothes like you wear. Etc.

This is something that can be serious or silly. I just want variety. Canon and myth are good, but sometimes a little change in story writing is better.

Hope you guys understand what I'm getting at.

Christine who's feeling a bit better now. Thanks guys!

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