Challenge Description

Okay here a challenge that's been floating around in my head for
awhile. [Which means it's probably going to suck totally.]

Create your own universe [think Sovereign universe, where all the Gods
are still Gods and the demi-gods still demi-gods]. You are to
radically change the Gods, whether it be there Godhood, personality or
both [for example, you could make Eris the Goddess of Hunt, or keep
Heph as the God of the Forge but have him not take that fall off

And if you feel you must make Ares the God of Love do *NOT* turn him
into a complete fag! [You can only read so many stories about Ares
acting like a big girl beofre it gets old.]

Now send our 2 demi-gods, 1 sidekick, 1 harpy who doesn't know how to
shut up and 1 wanna-be warrior to this universe. The A/J and C/S
couples don't have to be established at the beginning of the story,
they both have to be at the end.

Daas Buffy,

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