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Hey y'all,

I've had this plot bunny runnin' around in my head, but since I can't write Xena/Herc slash to save my life, I'm passing it on to my dear listsibs. Here we go...



What if, after he'd died, Strife was granted a second chance at life with a new set of parents? Ares and Joxer to be exact? *I know this part's been done before, but that's just the set up* Now, as it conveniently happens, Aphrodite and Hephaestus are also going to have a child of their own. But what would happen if, when the children are born, there was a bit of a cosmic fumble? As it so happens, instead of getting back his old godhood, Strife ends up as a love god (but keeps his original personality and mind) and Dite and Heph's kid ends up being the new god(dess) of Mischief. What kind of havoc would this visit on Olympus and how would Strife finangle his way back into being the cute god of mischief that we all know and love?

That's up to you lovely folks out there. *Or is that 'in here'?* :)



1) Bitchy/moody/whiny Dite and Ares. Ares gets to be the "mother" because I find a pregnant War God to be giggle inducing.

2) Joxer *must* be a mortal, for now at least. I like him more that way for some reason. How he eventually ends up is your choice.

3) The children grow extremly quickly. This allows for number 4 to happen.

4) Cupid+Strife! Cupid+Strife! Cupid+Strife! Get Psyche out of the picture whatever way your little hearts desire.

5) Zeus interfering in Strife's attempt to regain his original godhood on the grounds that he thinks it'll be a good life lesson for Strife to suffer in his new job.

6) The rest of the details are up to you, including whether Strife becomes Mischief again...or not.


I'm new to this list, but I'm hoping that someone will take up the challenge anyway! I'd love to see someone, or several someones, run with this!

Luv ya, Druid

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