Challenge Description

This hit me while I was working on the next part of my New King: Joxer story, which will be out sometime next week...hopefully. Anyway, here's the challenge:

~Child Cupid~

By some stroke of magic, luck, hidden power, whatever, Cupid regresses to a two year old. One problem (or maybe not a problem), he only recognizes and trusts Strife, his ex-lover. Now, Strife has to keep Cupid out of trouble while figuring out how to turn him *back* to his adult self, and keeping him out of Psyche's way.

Here's what I'd like to see go in the story with the challenge:

~Child Cupid terrorizing Zeus
~Child Cupid somehow getting Ares and Joxer together
~Child Cupid turning Joxer into an Immortal (Or God)
~Adult Cupid breaking up with Psycho (Psyche)
~Adult Cupid keeping Bliss
~Adult Cupid getting back together with Strife
~Joxer receiving an unusual godhood.

Don't care about the rating, or anything like that.

Anyone wanna take it up? Please?


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