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Hi, sorry if anyone gets this more than once, (and knowing Yahell, you may not even get it once!) but I'm hoping someone off one of these lists will be interested enough in this idea to write it..*big puppy dog eyes*

I've had this darn plot bunny in my head for the past couple of months and since I can't write worth a hill of beans, I thought I'd see if someone else would give it a good home. And, sorry, its kinda long.

Ok, here goes...this is a Xena/Buffy crossover, with pairings of Ares/Joxer, Cupid/Strife, and Xander/Spike (hopefully!).

1. The fates foresaw the end of the gods with the coming of Dahok. *But* they also foresaw *his* end, as well as those of most of the other gods (Roman, Egyptian, etc).

2. The pantheon decided that in order to survive, when Dahok came, they would appear to die, but in actuality, they'd go into another dimension where time moves verrry slowly, and wait until they were called for, years in the future, from that dimension.

3. In order for them to be called, they placed hidden compulsions in the bloodlines of all of their human/demigod children, and imbued personal items (i.e. Ares' earring, Joxer's helmet or chest shield, Cupid's bow or an arrow, Stife's knife, Hera's peacock feather, etc-you get the idea!) with a bit of their power. When, after several thousand years, a great-great-great etc. grandchild comes into contact with one of these items, it starts the compulsion to open the doorway and call home the gods (blood calling blood).

Now for the crossover bit :)

4. Xander is the great-great-great etc. grandchild of not one, but two gods...Ares and Joxer! His looks come from Ares, but he definitely has Joxer's clumsiness and luck. His mom is a descendant of Joxer and his dad of Ares, or reversed, whichever, but because of them both being descendants, when they had Xander, it made him a little bit more of a "godly grandson" with the joining of two houses...

5. Same thing with Spike, 'cept he's from Strife (yay leather!) and Cupid (go blondes!)

6. However they come into contact with the bespelled items, Xander and Spike get hit with the compulsion, and want/need to open the only dimensional gate they know....hehehe...the Hellmouth...and that really doesn't make Buffy and gang happy *snicker*.

Ok, that's it, end of idea. Again, I'm sorry if you get this more than once, and that its so long. Please email me if you have any questions or just want to kibitz...

Thanks, Oreocat

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