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Alright, one day I was listening to my Billy Idol: Greatest Hits CD when this weird idea just struck me and I haven't been able to get it out since. However, i'm pressed for time as i'm writing four fics that are deadlined for December 7th, so I decided to turn it into a challenge, even though I *know* I'm going to end up writing this sooner or later, so here's the challenge stuff:

Zeus gets mad at Ares and decides to take it out on our favorite mischief god, Strife. In the process, Strife looses his memory and Zeus sends him to the future. There, he is somehow born into a mortal family and becomes William Albert Micheal Broad a.k.a Billy Idol, the famous rocker. In the past, Ares and Cupid learn of this and immediately decide to go after Strife. One problem, Zeus won't unlock the Mirrors for them to find out *when* Strife is. As such, they believe they've lost Strife until Joxer offers a way to help. They end up going to the future, finding Strife, and somehow help Strife regain his memory and come back to the past. When they return, Joxer goes on a torture fest of Zeus.

There, not the best summary, but it can't be the worst, can it? Oh well. Here's the requirements:

~Must be A/J, C/S.
~Joxer is a lost Titan that Zeus forgot about. He can be the Titan of Stuffed Animals for all I care, he just has to be a Titan.
~Ares *knows* Joxer is a Titan. Either Joxer told him or Ares guessed. Pick one.
~Must have Strife SLOWLY remembering that he's a God.
~*MUST HAVE* some songs by the real Billy Idol. If you don't know any, go to and they've got plenty. He's under 'I'
~Joxer has to get revenge for Strife. It'll be fun to see Joxer mad at Zeus

That's about it. I would LOVE to see people write fics about this, so i'm hoping!

~*Ser-Desa, Angel of Chaos and War.*~

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