Challenge Description

Hi everyone,

I was bored in college today and my mind started drifting, as it often does and I came up with a little challenge. The challenge is simple include the following exchange in a story, the type of story is up to you. Personally I think it would make for a good humour piece.

So here's the conversation:
Ares said with a laugh, "With me as your dancer, we're bound to win!"

"That's quite an ego you've got there!" Joxer said punching Ares on the shoulder with a snort.

Ares said in mock outrage, "You mean I'm not the centre of the universe?"

Noticing the bubbles of laugher building up inside Joxer Ares continued haughtily, "Anyway, it's not an ego if it's true."

Joxer laughed, "You should see Asclepius, I think you've finally lost your mind!"

"How about a little friendly bet? That way I can show you how good my dancing is," Ares said an idea forming in his mind.

"Sure," Joxer answered with a grin.

Ares grinned wickedly, "If my dancing wins the competition, you have to tell Blondie and Xena just what you think of them, and of the way they've been treating you."

Not about to back down from a challenge Joxer retorted, "Fine, if my song gets us first place you have to go to the next pantheon meeting in white silk and complain that people should make love and not war."

"They'll think I've gone insane!" Ares said laughing hysterically as he imagined the reactions of the various gods.

Joxer smiled as he said seriously, "They treat you like dirt and take advantage of you. If they think you've lost your mind then they'll see how difficult your job is."

"Okay, it's a deal." Ares said shaking Joxer's hand.
Remember to have fun with it!

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