Challenge Description

Alright ya'll. I've got a bad fic challenge for you guys.

Now, when I say bad fic, I don't mean stories spelled wrong on purpose or suck ass grammar. I'm talking about bad plots, bad word usage and overly cutesy names.

You have to use words like quivering manhood and tallywhacker (cutesy name for cock). The stories can contain Mary Sueism or Marty Sueism as the case may be.

The characterisation has to be extremely bad. I'm talking stories you
wouldn't write and share with your worst enemy here. LOL

They have to be so bad that you'd rather volunteer for a labotomy then write this horrid stuff.

Sound good? I hope so, cause I know some of you writers out there who write humor perfectly can do this with one hand tied behind your backs. So, let's see those God awful stories.



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