Challenge Description

Multi's not up to writing a sequel [to The Challenge of Ate] so I am issuing a challenge for anyone who thinks they can write a sequel.

In this it must have:

- Psyche not having a physical punishment because Cupid doesn't want any harm coming to her. (Although it won't stop anyone from messing around with her mind.)

- Ares and Joxer marry and Joxie becomes a God. (Something to do with the mind or intelligence; GO Puzzles, Mysteries and Paradoxes, GO Self-image ad Self-esteem or GO of Brain Damage and Clumsiness are a few ideas. Not suggestions.)

- Psyche's reaction to walking in on Hermes and Apollo having sex. (I want it graphic but that's not really a 'must'.)

- Eris trying to be a mother to Strife and Ate, trying to form a relationship with them.

- Have the freaky foursome find out, and finally have someone put Hercules and Gabby in their place.

Multi, if you have something to add, please do.

- DaasBuffy

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