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I don't know if this challenge has been done before but I wanted to see a fic like this.

Ares has wings but centuries ago Zues took them away for some reason you decide why. Ares could grow his wings back if he found someone to love who loved him in return. Zues is defeated and Hades or Ares take the throne of Olympus. Hades/Hermes and Joxer/Ares pairings for this.

Or Joxer Jett Jace are the children of Hades/Hermes Iphicles and Bliss are Cupid/Strife children and Iolaus is Aphrodite/Hephestaus and Autolocyus is Hermes/? children

Zues stole them and made them mortal before they were born because of a prophecy by the Fates. The Gods don't know until they are told by a foriegn god you chose which one. Pairings are Joxer/Ares, Jett/Ace Iolaus/Autolocyus Iphilcles/Jace Thanatos/Phobos/Diemos

Suggested Godhoods are Joxer God of Peace and Truth Jett God of Murder and Revenge Jace God of Lust and Dance Iphilcles God of Mayhem and Autoloclyus God of Thieves and Con-Artists.

"This is not a mission plan, this is a mission statement from a very confused company'," (^_~)

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