Challenge Description

I had another silly idea that I thought I would throw out to anyone who was in the mood to play catch. *grins*

The "subplot" is sappy and sets up the mainplot. Cupid and Strife are away on their Honeymoon. Much kissing, snuggling and other indoor sports ensue.

The "mainplot" is funny and irreverent. 'Dite comes down with a case of the Olympian flu and can't do her job. Zeus appoints Ares' as her temporary stand-in since Eris can handle all the War stuff on her own for a while.

Can include:
* Pissed-off War God in white leather threatening to shoot Herc where the sun doesn't shine.
* 'Dite sneezing on anyone who gets too close.
* Frightened Priestesses running out of the Temple of Love crying.
* Ares accidentally hitting Athena or Demeter with a love spell.
* Ares deciding to finally do something about the whole Joxer/Gabrielle thing.
* Ares giving crazy advice to the lovelorn.

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