Challenge Description

For such an "insignificant" God such as Ares, he had alot of titles
and responibities. [It's a dig at Edith Hamilton, if she's alive
she can go f*** herself and if she's dead I hope she rots in
Tartaros.] Also a big thanks to for the following

Ares while is commonly called the God of War was also the;

God of War and Battle
Patron of: Warriors
Favour: Driving armies, bravery, fighting strenght and endurance
Curses: Routing armies cowardice, death on the battlefield

God of War Booty

God of City Denfences
Patron of: City defences, city defenders
Blessings: Averting war [peace], repelling invading armies
Curses: Military invasions, sacking of cities

God of Civil Order
Patron of: City guard, police
Blessings: Maintain city order, crush rebellions
Curses: Rebellion, uprising, sedition

God of Anger and Violence
Patron of: Violent deeds, fights, murder, manslaughter, quarrels
Blessings: Restraint of violent impulses

God of Courage and Fear
Patron of: Courage and Manliness
Blessings: Courage
Cowardice: Cowardice

Now the challenge is that someone get fed up with the freaky
foursome [Hercules in particular] and explains in minute detail
everything that Ares is responsible for.


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