Challenge Description

Ok I cant write not like I havent tried but it just never works for me. But I get all these ideas for stories so I have decided to issue and challenge.

So heres the idea... 20 to 25 yrs ago joxer and Ares had a childtogether. for some reason they broke up. Hercules or the blond harpy (I really hate her!!) seriously injur said child which some how brings joxer and ares back together

Joxer is immortal can be a demigod but may NOT be a god EVER before or after.
Child: male/female your choice.
no one knows joxer is said Childs father but ares. Not even Joxer
(atleast not at the begin of the story )
child is a demigod not a full god.
injury life threatning character may die if you want.
Flash back that explain why ares and joxer broke up

flash backs to times during their getting together and there
relationship before break up Would be nice but not required

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