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Title: Blind Love
Author: Leah
Rating: R for future chapters
Pairing: C/S, Minor A/J in later chapters.
Disclaimer: I don't own any Pop-culturally recognizable characters. I'm not making a profit on this story, I'm just playing with them and will return them in more or less the same condition that I borrowed them in.
Warnings: a bit of angst, a bit of fluff, anything else will be marked as it gets written.
Note: I've been switching back and forth between this story and No One Needs To Know as I've been writing, but they aren't connected. next chapter of NONTK will be up sometime later this week.
Also I've fiddled with the ages a bit.

Summary: "Until Love has True Love returned and sees once more with his own eyes; I curse you to love in vain and always be despised."


"Until Love has True Love returned and sees once more with his own eyes; I curse you to love in vain and always be despised." With that Aphrodite grabbed her sobbing child and flashed away.

Zeus stared helplessly after her. He hadn't meant to hurt Cupid, but the boy had caught him with another of his conquests and he couldn't let word get back to his wife. Especially since she was pregnant and might make his punishment permanent this time.

Aphrodite had always been one of his favorite gods, not for the reasons everyone thought but because she seemed to understand that he wasn't just what he showed everyone else.

She was the youngest of his adopted children, having made a deal with Poseidon to keep secret Poseidon's indiscretion with a minor earth goddes in exchange for help with driving out certain creatures that threatened to overwhelm Greece if they ever escaped the ocean.

Hera of course disliked Aphrodite because she thought Aphrodite was one of Zeus's bastard children by a sea goddess and because she far outshone Hera in the looks department, not that Hera would admit to it.

And now he was cursed, but it couldn't be as bad as he thought could it? After all Hera still loved him even after all the times he'd messed up, and his golden children Apollo, Athena and Artemis all thought the world of him.

~~~~~~~~ Ten Minutes Earlier ~~~~~~~~~

Zeus had just pulled himself out of the bed of his current favorite mortal and begun puling on his toga when he heard the flapping of tiny wings and heard Cupid's childish voice ask "were you guys fighting?"

Whipping around he put a hand over Cupid's eyes. Cupid may have been the god of Erotic Love but he was still way to young to be seeing this stuff.

"You see nothing." the words tumbled out oddly in his rush to keep himself from the wrath of 'Dite and Hera.

A rush of power ran through him and down the arm connected to the hand over Cupid's eyes. It didn't feel like his power, his power felt fizzy and warm. This power felt like pain and grief.

Cupid screamed.

~~~~~~~~ end flashback ~~~~~~~

Apollo looked at him in disgust as he packed up his things.

"How could you do that father? He was just a child!" Apollo said lowly.

"It wasn't me!" Zeus said, his protest falling on deaf ears.

No matter how many times he told them it wasn't him they never believed him.

His family fell apart that day.

For two hundred years he saw only coldness in the faces he loved and he had no hope of reprieve. Then, one day, a miracle happened.

Strife, god of Mischeif, was born.

When Hera left the birthing chamber she actually looked at him fondly, like she had before Hebe was born, before Cupid was hurt. That had been the worst blow, Hera keeping him from his baby girl, who had come to fear him. But with that one smile he had felt his heart lightening.

There was Hope after all.

At Strife's presentation he laid on him the strongest blessing he knew and hoped for the best. With Eris for a mother and being dedicated to the house of War the child would not have an easy life.

He prayed to the Fates that Strife would be able to undo what had been done. Not so much for his own sake, but for Cupid's.

~~~~~~~~ Six Years Later ~~~~~~~~~~~~

"Hewoo." A soft voice said as Cupid sat crying in his mother's garden. "You 'kay?"

When a tiny hand touched his shoulder, Cupid looked up, expecting to see only the Aura of this person, like every other person he'd seen for the past two hundrred years.

Instead he saw a small boy about his physical age, a bit of dirt and blood on his face, hair wild and uncombed. He was wearing pants that were far too big on him and a tunic that was far too small. He was the only thing Cupid could see, everything around him was still the blackness he had grown accustomed to.

"Who're you?" Cupid asked, feeling afffectionate towards the other child for taking away a bit of the loneliness.

"I'm Strife." The boy said proudly.

"I'm Cupid." Cupid said. "Want to be friends?"

"Yeah!" The other boy said, his whole face lighting up like someone had just told him his birthday had come early.

Strife was back the next day and the next day and the next. Each day Cupid could see more and the effect lasted longer and longer after Strife left but it always faded away.

Two years after he first met Strife he was watching his mother get ready for an official function when he decided to let her know he could see a little.

"Which earrings?" Aphrodite asked herself rhetorically, holding two different ones up to see which matched her outfit better.

"The blue ones with the stars." Cupid said.

"Thanks hun." She said putting down the red ones and putting on the blue ones.

It wasn't until she was putting on her lipstick that the realization hit her and she turned wide eyes on her son leaving a streak of coral pink on her cheek.

"Baby?" She said, then scooped him up and clutched him to her bosom, crying happy tears into his hair.

Hepheastus stumped in to see what had upset his wife.


She turned to face him, a huge smile on her face.

"Oh Hephy, it's wonderful! Cupid can see again!"

Hepheastus grinned.

"Tell us what happened."

Cupid told them everything, from his first meeting with Strife to how his sight always eventually faded again.


On Strife's 14th birthday he appeared in Cupid's room, covered in cuts and blood, eyes darting around for a place to hide.

"Cupid, you gotta help me!" He said.

"Wha...?" was Cupid's intelligent contribution to the conversation.

"Please, you can't let them find me or they'll kill me!" Strife was still looking wildly around the room for anywhere to hide.

Cupid opened the chest at the end of his bed and banished everything to the hidden companrtments under his bed.

"In here." Cupid said.

Strife climbed in and folded himself up.

"You're lucky you're so flexible, I can't fit in there anymore." Cupid commented as he closed the lid.

Cupid waited until Apollo and Artemis appeared in his bedroom then did what anyself-respecting teenage boy would do when confronted with blood-covered, knife-wielding maniacs in his bedroom... He screamed for his mother.

Instantly a pink sheild slammed down, trapping everyone in Cupid's room. When Aphrodite and Hephaestus appeared still in their night clothes no one even thought of laughing at Dite's long flannel pajamas.

"Cupid, honey, Take your toy-chest and go to your father's house." Aphrodite said calmly.

When Cupid stared at her in suprise, she threw him a look that said "You really think i don't know what goes on in my own house?"

Cupid Grabbed his box and flashed himself to his dad's bed. He almost fell off the side but was grabbed by a sleepy war god.

"Cupid?" Ares mumbled staring at him blearily.

"Dad! It was Artemis and Apollo! and then Strife... Strife!" Cupid turned so fast that he overbalanced and it was only his dad's arm curling around his waist that kept him from launching headfirst off the bed.

He grabbed the lock on his toy chest and flipped it open, releasing Strife who popped up like a punk jack-in-the-box. He looked around frantically, but relaxed when the only people he saw were Cupid and Ares.

Back in Cupid's room, Aphrodite turned back to Artemis and Apollo with an evil smile.

"Now, I know you didn't just chase one of my Babies into the room of another Baby with a malicious intent. So how about you tell me why you have Strife's blood on your clothes and knives."


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