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Title: The Barbecue
Author: Xandria
Spoilers: I doubt it!
Notes: This was originally for the ordinary life challenge put on the AJCS list way back when, just before my computer died and I got sick and all that. The idea was to put the characters in a modern situation in your home town and involve yourself.
Notes 3: I'm back. Had a lot of problems, which is why I dropped out for so long. Think I had a decades worth in six months.
Notes 4: the barbecue is being held at a park in Burnside I went to with some friends once. Lots of lovely grass, barbecues, two playgrounds and a proper chlorinated wading pool beside a creek bed. It's the kind of place you go to to get wedding photos taken on one of the little bridges over the creek or under one of the lovely trees etc.
Disclaimer: I don't own Ares, Joxer, Cupid or Strife or anyone else to do with Hercules or Xena. The Greek pantheon and Renaissance Pictures own them all. Except me, I own myself...unless Mania wants to stake a claim as I've been very close to her lately. :Sigh: All I own is a 26 year old car and a clarinet, and some debts. My assets equal my debits so if you sued all you would get would be hysterical laughter.

Zeus smiled as he watched his employees and family move around the park, enjoying the day off to celebrate his birthday and incidentally that of his company, Olympus Incorporated.

Giving them all a three day weekend made the workers happy, made him look good and saved him money as the equipment that didn't like the heat could be turned off on this, the third week of the heatwave Adelaide was in the middle of.

Besides, that deal he'd made with Salmoneous on all that meat wasn't so good, it had to be used up soon. Waving to his driver he let himself be driven away in air-conditioned comfort, to go back to his flat in the CBD and his latest mistress.

Ares, Vice President in charge of R&D, watched the car leave with a sneer on his face.

"What's the matter" His lover and partner, Joxer, handed him one of the two cold beers in stubby holders he held before taking a long drink out of the other.

"Sal'right Jox. The old fella just took off is all."

"Well, that's a bloody relief. Do ya know how stroppy ya Sister gets when the old bugger sticks around? And when a Sheila like ya sister gets stroppy it makes a bloke wary. " Ares grinned.

Aussie understatement called a tornado 'a bit wet', a riptide 'a bit dangerous' and seeing Eris chuck a wobbly as something 'a bit scary', instead of bloody downright stupid to be around.

"She is my sister, ya know." He said mildly.

"This is right, ey? I know that, she's bloody amazing, no doubt about it. I also know she's bloody scary and she's a perfect match for Jett."

"Too right." Leaning as close as was comfortable in the heat, they spoke quietly and drank their beer until they were interrupted by Ares' nephew, Strife, who ran through the middle of them closely followed by his lover and Ares' son, Cupid.


"Sorry Unc!"

"Sorry Dad!" They yelled back as they ran on through most of the other groups gathered together. Until they reached the kids wading pool and Strife was tackled by Cupid to hit the water with a splash. Strife giggled and was followed by most of the people around them laughing as well, including Xandria, resident librarian and editor of the company magazine.

Holding a camera in her hand, she danced around them in the water, taking pictures.

"You blokes are great! These pics'll look great on my computer!"

"Not again!" Ares slapped a hand to his forehead.


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