AresJoxerCupidStrife - Thunder

Part 1

Title: After Time Warped

Author: Thunder


Rating: To start with, probably PG-13, due to language

Fandom: Xena\Rocky Horror Picture Show

Pairing: some miscellaneous, Cupid\Strife, eventually Ares\Joxer

Disclaimer:I don't own nobody. RenPic owns Xena,Gabby, and Joxer.
Richard O'Brien owns The Transsexual Transylvanians. And last but not
least, Scribe herself has graciously allowed me to borrow Impetua
from her 'Love and Mischief' series. This story really has no bearing
on the before mentioned series. It should not be considered a
continuation of the adventures of Imp. This story is not a money
making venture. It's just fun.

Warnings: None so far. Possible squick for those who aren't
interested in f\f or some het. Severe Ares angst in the near future.

Plot Twist: Strife and Gabby have come to an understanding.

Summary:It's Impetua's birthday. But will it be happy?

Status: Part one of a WIP, if it goes over well.

Series: Hopefully. This all takes place about 25 years after Rocky
Horror Princess Show.

Archive: Yes,please, at AJCS

Now, on with the drivel.:>

It was a nice,quiet day just outside of Thebes. The birds were doing
bird things, the sheep were,well, sheep, and the shepherd and his
wife were enjoying a quiet picnic lunch. Until...

"Ok, Dad, now what do we do?" Impetua's green eyes glowed with( what
else) mischief. Today was her seventeenth birthday, and her dads had
decided to show her the best time she'd ever had. In their own
respective ways, of course.

Strife just grinned at his daughter. " Keep your wings on. You'll
see in a minute." He kept his eye out for Bliss, who was a major
player in the day's events. 'that boys gonna make me nuts someday.
Always late, just like his dad.'

Impetua squinted, trying to make out who the two people heading
towards them were. A huge smile lit her face. She could ALWAYS get a
nice rush from Gabrielle. " Hey, Dad, look. It's Xena and Motormouth.
Is this part of the plan?"

" Nah, not really. But ya wanna have some fun?"

Gabrielle muttered quietly to herself, throwing occasional glares at
Xena's back.' It's not fair. She always rides, unless Argo is lame.
She could at least lead the damn horse and walk with me sometimes. '
She shut up long enough to pick up her staff. A few steps more and
her left boot came off. She stopped to put it back on and the strap
on her pack broke. "DAMMIT!!!!!"

Xena reigned in Argo and looked to see why the Bard had
screeched.She couldn't help laughing after seeing Gabrielle with one
boot on, her pack spilled on the ground, and black ink slowly
dripping down the front of her dress.Not even the glare she was given
could make her stop. In fact, it made her laugh harder because a
small gust of wind chose that moment to blow Gabrielle's hair into
her face.

Xena shut Gabby up with a look,before she could even say anything.
She turned to listen better, and was rewarded with giggles,chuckles,
and snorts.' Shoulda known it was them.'She turned back to her mate.

" Honey, calm down. Did you forget who's birthday it is?"

Gabby frowned, and as comprehension dawned, a small giggle
escaped. "That little brat. I guess Strife had me pegged as the
entertainment for the day." She straightened up, took a deep breath,
and bellowed.


A funky green glow announced Imp's arrival, followed closely by a
storm grey one. Strife stared at the Bard. " Ya don't have the guts,

"You clean up the mess you made of me, and I'll consider not doing

Strife waved his hand, and Gabby was back to normal. She smiled and
gave him a hug. He returned it, but not without a typical Mischief
marker.As Gabs walked over to pick up her pack, the parchment on her
back fluttered. It read ' Kick me, I write bad verse.'

Imp snickered, then put on an innocent face as Gabrielle turned
around. Grabbing a package, Bad Verse Girl walked over to the
birthday girl, smiling. She handed the gift to Imp.

" Happy Birthday."

Imp grabbed it with all the restraint her name implied. After she
unwrapped it, she was left with a beautifully engraved metal box,
complete with a lock.She looked at Gabby and Xena, awe on her face.

" I asked Uncle Heph to make it for me. Open it. The lock is keyed
to your thought." Xena was eager to see her niece's reaction to what
was IN the box. "We had it done that way for your privacy,
considering some of the people you call family." She smirked at
Strife,who just crossed his eyes and stuck out his tongue.

'Open' thought Imp, and the lock did. She raised the lid, then just
stared at her aunts. Tears started dripping down her face." Aunt
Motormouth, you did THIS for me?"

"Sure did, Green-Eyed-Monster. Every time I helped you preen, I
took the best ones."

Imp handed the box to her dad, then ran over to Gabby, hugging her
and babbling incoherently. Strife looked in the box, but all he saw
was a bunch of Imp's feathers, laid out in a row.He raised confused
eyes to Xena, who smiled and started to explain.

"She took Imp's molted feathers and turned them into quills. Your
daughter has quite the touch with the written word. Last time Gab
read Jealousy's work in a tavern, there were four cat fights over the
same nasty little man." Xena sighed." Oh, it was beautiful."

Imp and Gab walked back to Strife and Xena. Strife hadn't seen a
smile that big on his daughter's face since the last time he made
Apollo think Ace was hot for Demeter.He handed the box back,a
melancholy look on his face. ' I didn't know she liked to write.
Maybe she'll let me read some of it.'

" Dad, can we go see Gramp? He hasn't let me come over for a coupla
weeks. He wouldn't refuse on my birthday, would he?"Imp looked at her
dad, just before she fainted.

" What the...?"


" Oh shit." Strife heard Bliss screaming at him.He looked at Xena.
She was pale and shaking." I gotta go."

Xena nodded as he blinked out. She knelt by her partner and her

"What is it Zee? What's going on?"

"It's Ares. We have to take Imp into Thebes, to his Temple."

"What's wrong with Ares?"

Xena started to cry." I don't know. He's just....gone."

tbc? Let me know.

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